Pedal as much or as little as you’d like! This RADrover electric fat tire bike is designed for the not-so-hard-core- adventure-enthusiast seeking out that epic Colorado mountain biking experience traversing wide-open wildflower meadows, aspen groves, and the thrill of  riding through the Rocky Mountains; minus the sweat and heavy panting. For all of you mountain bike purests out there who crave that burn, this RAD fat-tire experience is for you as well.

The RADROVER provides the power needed to propel you up steep mountain terrain so that you can enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the San Juan Mountains without “taking your breath away”.  With a high-powered lithium battery, the RADROVER, allows 5 beast-mode settings and a manually operated throttle that gives you the freedom of cruising up to 20 MPH with just a simple twist of the handlebar (yea, it’s RAD!!)  To the traditional mountain bikers who prefer the self-pedal powered ride, the RADROVER can be operated without all the jazz and used like a classic fat tire bike for achieving that workout you so desire. The RADROVER Experience opens the door for the whole crew to enjoy an exhilarating Rocky Mountain ride in their own style.

Includes: RadRover Electric Fat Tire Bike, Helmet.
What to Bring: Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Dress in Layers, Small Backpack with Snacks and Water
Cost: $25 per Hour or $75 a Day

Check out this video to see sections of The RADROVER Experience!